Singing with the kids



By now everyone should know that the main reason we students are here is to help local workers build a new part to an already existing school called the Peniel school.

Buuut you might not know that beside the building part we also get the chance to share/have some cultural interaction with the kids!
This happens twice a week. The kids get separated in three groups. The singing group , the dance and the English group.

I get the amazing opportunity to run a music class, something I had never done before. And yes I was nervous the first time I had to stand in front of the kids. Luckily I had Camille and Zarah to support me.

Nevertheless I immediately loved spending time with the kids! We play fun games and I get the chance to teach the kids some songs from our western culture. I chose to teach them Amazing Grace, Do re mi – The Sound of Music, and The Bare Necessities from Disney’s Jungle Book.

The kids here will hear you out when you’re talking (without interrupting you). The children learn best through listening and repetition.

I figured out the best way to learn them the songs is by writing down the words and clapping the beat that falls together with the words. Then I play call and response with the kids. I speak, they speak. After this I sing and they sing. It’s all about repetition and learning small parts at a time.

It’s impressive to see how quickly these kids learn stuff and how they always wear a smile after they have learned something new.

I can’t believe my time with them is almost over! Because learning them these songs has given me the chance to test myself, improve my skills and learn new things too.


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