15 things you need to know before going to india

1. There are way less mosquitos then you would think (still protect yourself please).


2. You never have to pee because you sweat everything out.


3. You will feel like a superstar, because everybody wants to take a picture with you.


4. They don’t use toiletpaper, so bring your own. Same goes for cutlery.


5. Yes they really shake their heads like a bobblehead and yes it will confuse you!


6. Fans are love, fans are life ❤


7. The bats are as big or even bigger as seagulls.


8. When they make the food less spicy for us western galls, it’s still hella spicy.


9. Your nails will always be dirty, no matter how hard you try to keep them clean. They also grow incredibly fast in India for some reason.


10. You don’t see as many stray dogs and cats as you would expect, but holy cow are there a lot of cows.


11.Your hair will die.


12. The traffic is crazy, everytime you need to cross the road will be an adventure.


13. If you’re staying in a city: it is never quiet. The constant backround of cars honking is never ending.


14. Your skin doesnt really burn that easily here, our theory is that the pollution protects us, so yay global warming!


15. Monkeys are vicious beings: given the chance they will steal your cookies.


– Hannah

Nadat een groot deel van de groep al naar huis vertrok, blijven Hannah, Emmelien en Camille nog tot eind deze maand in Madurai om de laatste werken af te ronden.

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